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Apollo ON-BOARD EMBEDDED is an on-board, Host software application for system monitoring and control. ON-BOARD EMBEDDED is supported on the ASP-2 and ASP-4 and leverages the controllers’ ability to run applications locally on the board. No local server or PC installation is required. The application’s interface is accessible through a web browser and has mobile-device support. The ON-BOARD EMBEDDED application is loaded at the factory before shipment, or can be added to the controller after shipment through the purchase of a license.

Up to 16 controllers can be working together; one “Primary” and multiple “Secondaries”. Configuration of the devices is done through the ON-BOARD EMBEDDED interface. Multiple access control features are supported such as live event reporting, alarm management, maps, cardholder configurations, scheduling, and many more.



Live event grids, controller & access point status, customizable layout.



Upload custom maps, add custom icons for access points and alarms.



advance events filtering



manage or change door/reader status, provide temporary access.  


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