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ASP-IO168 Downstream Input Output Board

The ASP-IO168 Alarm Input/Output Module features 16 Alarm Input and 8 output relays, all fully configurable with advanced options for a full featured alarm monitoring and/or elevator control system. Dependable multi-level functions as well as off-line functionality insure reliable, robust protection from intrusion as well as monitoring status of site devices.

This new I/O module is a direct substitute for the previously discontinued AIO-168 Alarm Module and the AIM-1ELE Elevator. This new industry leading Alarm Input/Output module provides features not found anywhere else. the ASP-IO168 supports both OSDP and Proprietary protocols both fully encrypted ensuring secure communications. 

The ASP-IO168 comes with multiple assembly options to best suit the needs of different sites, relative to the number of devices connected to the I/O module, the ASP-IO168 consumes minimal power and can even be powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet).

A combinations of software and hardware filtering suppresses noise and eliminates false alarm, preventing annoying and costly false alarms. Supervised mode allows the ASP-IO168 to monitor input line status in order to prevent tampering with wiring to defeat alarm input devices. Input supervision reports short or open conditions on the line by using a standard end-of-line resistor or for higher security applications, custom resistor values are available.

For interfacing to external devices such as annunciation sirens and indicator lights, the AIO-168 features 8 Form-C relay outputs. Each output can be individually configured for local linkage to any combination of the ASP-IO’s 16 input zones as well as line tamper condition, cabinet tamper condition, communication loss or power supply interruption even in an off-line state. Further relay control can be programmed in ASP Family controllers or in the software host to provide relay function in a virtually unlimited number of circumstances.


Each relay output can be controlled by a combination of the following 21 conditions: 

  • Alarm inputs 1-16
  • Power fault
  • Cabinet tamper
  • Any zone fault
  • Host comm loss
  • Time zone control

Any of the above conditions can initiate one or more relay outputs. A different time zone can be specified for each auxiliary relay output.


The AIO is available in ten base configurations and with an optional 8 relay add-on board for flexibility in designing any system.

ASP-IO-168-P — 16 Inputs, 8 Outputs, Ethernet Connection, PoE

ASP-IO-168-P — 16 Inputs, 8 Outputs, Ethernet Connection, No PoE

ASP-IO168 — 16 Inputs, 8 Outputs, Serial Connection Only

ASP-X08 8 Relay Output Expansion Module for ASP-IO168

ASP-I16-P — 16 Inputs, Ethernet Connection, PoE

ASP-I16-N — 16 Inputs, Ethernet Connection, No PoE

ASP-I16 — 16 Inputs, Serial Connection Only

ASP-O8-P — 8 Outputs, Ethernet Connection, PoE

ASP-O8-N — 8 Outputs, Ethernet Connection, No PoE

ASP-O8 — 8 Outputs, Serial Connection Only



Power Requirements:

DC: +12Vdc @ 350mA  to +24Vdc @ 175mA

PoE: 42.5-57V @150mA


8 in x 6 in x 0.75 in (20.3 x 15.2 x 1.9 cm)


Operating Temperature:-40 to 85° C

Storage Temperature:-40 to 85° C

Relative Humidity:0 to 95%, non-condensing


Coil: 12Vdc
Contacts: 2A @ 30Vdc
.5A @ 120Vac


0.4 Lbs





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icon *ASP-IO168 Hardware Manual


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