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ASW — Standalone Access Control System Software

The ASW software family compromises a simple and extremely user friendly access control soft­ware. Used with the APN-35, 2 door controller. Up to 4 APN-35 controllers can be daisy chained together to form an eight door system or 4 door system with in/ out readers. The ASW provides a graphically represented real time status display and cardholder database. On line events display can be selectively checked to display only the required events. A selection is available for quickly generating a report of the first use and last use of each cardholder transaction. The ASW also supports a simple Time and Attendance report for generating work time.

ASW Multi-site systems can support standalone sites with a single management interface allowing up to 1000 sites to be managed by a central location.


  • Support up to 4 controllers (APN-35) per site
  • 8 access levels per controller
  • Master access levels configuration
  • Real time reader mode display and control
  • Real time controller status display
  • Real time on-line events display
  • Selective events report generator
  • Time and Attendance Cardholder report
  • Access summary report
  • TZ input masking
  • Custom report headers
  • Stores additional notes about cardholder
  • Archiving utility
  • Customized card formatting
  • Virtually, unlimited access levels configuration
  • Creates clear, concise and filtered reports for reviewing
  • Command directly from the main menu
  • WYSIWYG report generating
  • Selective event reporting
  • Supports MAG and Wiegand signaling
  • Filtering from the events table


ASW-35 - Single site support of up to 8 doors

ASW-250 - Multi-site support of up to 250 remote sites (or 50 8-door sites)

ASW-100 - Multi-site support of up to 1000 remote sites (4-door)

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