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AIO-168,AIO-16 and AIO-08 Discontinuation

The AIO-168, AIO-16 and AIO-08 alarm products have reached end of life and have been replaced by the ASP-IO168/16/08/X08 family of new alarm panels. Components for the AIO alarm products abruptly became no longer available to continue manufacturing. The ASP-IO family of products are direct replacements for the previous generation alarm panels and work with the AAN-32 and AAN-100 controllers as well as the new generation ASP-4 and ASP-2 high speed network controllers. The ARM-8 eight output relay expansion module for the AIO-168 is still available. The new generation alarm products are faster and more flexible while retaining the features of the previous generation alarm panels. The ASP alarm family of products are available in serial, network and POE versions and are available in increased numbers of alarm zone termination values. 


There are no plans to discontinue providing the AAN-100/32 controllers and the AIM-4/2/1SL reader interfaces. 

Apollo Announces a New Controller Release

Apollo Security announces release of the ASP-2 two reader/two door controller.  This next generation controller supports 32 controllers communicating over a network cluster, scripting to modify events and logic, optional POE and high speed downloads of configuration, firmware upgrades and card downloads (10,000 cards in one second).   ASP-2 controllers support OSDP and TTL readers, are built with industrial components (-40C to +85˚C) and have both UL 294 and 1076 certifications.   In addition to the two standard readers, additional 14 readers can be licensed per ASP-2 for low cost and no delay or cost for reader expansion.

ASP-2 is a new addition to the Apollo ASP controller family, click on the link below for further information on the difference between the ASP-2 and ASP-4.

ASP-2 & ASP-4 comparrison

Apollo remains available to support customers while the world is addressing the COVID-19 virus.

While California companies were ordered to close offices and factories under the California Stay at Home Order, Apollo was identified as an essential security provider and was exempted from this order and will remain open to support customers, ship products and continue industry leading development.   When possible, employees will be working from home and those working in the office and factory are taking all security precautions to protect them and their fellow employees from exposure to the COVID-19 virus. 

The ASP-4 wins the asmag.com 2018 Buyers Choice Award


Apollo Security new ASP-4 wins the asmag.com 2018 Buyers Choice Award .

Asmag.com 2018 buyers choice award is an online award held by asmag.com that is anonymously voted by global security buyers to rank products popularity and usability in different projects.  

the voting took place in December 2018 and is announced on February 27th, 2019. The ASP-4 is one of the 12 products that stood out from all nominees in the Access Control category. The winners were judged by the highest traffic on the product page as well as the highest number of voters.  

the ASP-4 itself is a new high-end Access Controller with multiple built-in functions. Also with high-speed processing and high capacity makes it a one of a kind Access Controller. to know more about the ASP-4 click on the products page on this website 

to know more about the award click on the link below : 

asmag.com 2018 Buyers Choice Award

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Readiness

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new set of rules that requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of European Union citizens for transactions that occur within European Union member states and globally. Organizations doing business in EU and with EU citizens must affect policies and procedures to be in compliance or face heavy fines and sanctions.

Apollo APACS Access Control and Alarm Monitoring software version 3.9 SP3 has been designed to allow organizations to easily comply with GDPR requirements.  Previous service packs and APACS versions may not be able to provide the necessary restrictions on personal data. Thus, it is highly recommended that any organizations using APACS who need to comply with GDPR should upgrade to APACS version 3.9 SP3.

For more information and upgrade options contact your Apollo sales representative or Apollo headquarters in Newport Beach, California.